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Picture from the Novemberber 2011 Update

Sharing with Mission Staff and their families all about "Celebration "!


Pictures from the October 2011 Update

1. The completed Operation Amazon barge

2. Baby shower

3. Baby shower


Pictures from the September 2011 Update

1. Benjamin Constante has approximately 20,000 inhabitants. It is a very small river city, with a small downtown area, a few stores, one hospital (9 doctors), a few schools and a Federal University that offers 6 majors.

2. Motorcycles and Motor Taxis Everywhere!

3. Gas anyone? Just buy a bottle and fuel up.

4. Ticuna Indian Church leadership

5. The Javarí River that surrounding the city is wide and muddy. During flood season the current is strong and river banks are constantly being carved away by the water making it difficult to find a good location for a floating hangar and/or make a ramp and a hangar on land. Most of the river bank is very steep or under water in flood season.

6. Housing is scarce. Most of the houses are wood and built on poles since the terrain is so hilly. They are what we term as "favela"- slum areas. During flood season the river flows underneath many of these homes. Building a simple house may be the only option if there are no houses to rent or purchase.


Pictures from the August 2011 Update

1. Mission Team from NewLife Community Church, IL, July 2011

2. Village:  Vasco da Gama (named after a Brazilian soccer team)

3. Intercession in the homes.  God healed this woman of arthritis and extreme pain in her knees.

4. Supporting the new pastor by painting his church

5. Jesus loves the little children...ALL the children of the world!

6. Kaylee and our pet monkey show the kids how special they are in God’s eyes.

7. Handing out simple toys and suckers to all the kids

8. Daniel, Hannah and Kaylee making lots of little friends

9. Having some fun with Frank...

10. Daniel from our mission staff preparing water filters to install.

11. Printing up family pictures as a special gift

12. We end our time with worship and praise.

13. Many people came to church for the first time our last night in the village.

14. This young gal gave her testimony of how God saved her from a life of drugs and prostitution.  Now God is using her to encourage and evangelize young people to follow God.

15. OK, can’t I just take him home for my souvenir?  Jennifer was an excellent and dedicated team leader.


Richwoods Church, IL, Mission Team

1. Ministering in the village of São Sebastião – Haircut anyone?!

2. Showing people God cares in so many different ways...

3. Donations of clothes and shoes for the village “bazaar.”

4. In all nations and all cultures there is one thing women have in common... they LOVE to shop!  Here they get to shop for free!!

5. Donations to the village “pharmacy” or health center

6. Children’s ministries

7. Dental Hygiene:  Some children are getting a toothbrush for the very first time.

8. Pedro, a pilot’s son from our staff, ministering to all the kids in the village school

9. Time for some fun!  Lets play games.

10. And in between times we rest and ask God to renew our spirit and use us for His glory!


Pictures from the May 2011 Update

1. Heading out to the Indian Tribe

2. Arriving at the tribe and landing among the famous giant lily pads called “Vitória Régia”

3. The plane has arrived and the children are ready and waiting!

4. The village church. They are ready and waiting for the day long seminars on leadership and discipleship. "Growing the church inside and out!"

5. Men of the village participating in the seminars

6. Wilson helping during the leadership training

7. Enjoying a wonderful meal and fellowship together

8. This is creativity!  The Indian drum set shown here is made out of a plastic barrel, gears from a bike, leather from a cow, etc. and is used to praise the Lord. They played this drum set while the Indian pastor played his guitar and sang during the interval between meetings.

9. Welcome to an Indian home.  Ricardo, our other pilot, visiting with this family


Woodridge Mission Team, WI

1. We rejoice to know God and make Him known throughout the Amazon, Brazil!

2. The Woodridge Mission Team, WI arrives just in time to help me celebrate.

3. Painting a church in the slums of Manaus.

4. How exciting for me to be able to pitch in and paint for the first time since God healed my bursitis!

5. The pastor's daughters and a friend had such a heart for service.

6. We all enjoyed working together for God's Glory.

7. What a beautiful place of worship!

8. Pastor's family

9. Our downtown shopping day in preparation for the trip.

10. Leaving Manaus - view of "palafita" homes (on sticks) along the riverfront.

11. This bridge will be finished by June.  It connects Manaus to river villages across the river from Manaus but NOT to south Brazil.

12. Arriving at the river village, Costa do Ubim

13. The villagers from Costa do Ubim

14. This village whittles barbecue sticks to support their families.  It takes 1 wk to whittle 1000 sticks for which they earn around $1.30.

15. Now our work begins with plenty of rain to boot... after all we do live in the largest rain forest of the planet!

16. Installing water filters with Asas de Socorro staff and team members.

17. Installing water filters with Asas de Socorro staff and team members.

18. Doug Lamp (missionary to south Brazil) evangelizing through the use of the Evangecube.

19. Ministry in Santa Isabel (a nearby village where the local school is located.)

20. The women had a great time painting jars with Barb and other women from the team.

21. Lori McCalligan (team leader along with her husband Dave) gave everyone in need haircuts.

22. Ministering to the children through puppets

23. Stories (I am translating the Bible story given by Darlene.)

24. Lori teaching dental care

25. The team was able to work alongside the chief carpenter of the village to put up the trusses and build the walls of this new church.

26. An awesome dedication service was held before we left while God held off more rain.

27. Pastor Euridison giving praise to God for Manuel (the chief carpenter) and his wife.  Manuel was a tremendous testimony for us all of dedication,perseverance and faithfulness to the Lord.

28. These villagers now have a wonderful place to know God, worship Him and be discipled.  The Pastor's wife is leading them in praise.

29. Asking God to lift up the pastor and His wife, renew their strength and give them direction for the days and months ahead.

30. It's always so hard to say good bye!  We are so glad that God is ever present and cares for these villagers so much that Jesus died for them!!


Operation Amazon Mission Team


1. Dennis Sohn, director, Mike, Dave and Pr. Joshua


2. The NOVA VIDA mission barge, to be used in delivery of water filters and construction materials.


3. Dedication of the OA mission barge, 1/2011


4. Pr. Wilson and Pr. Aurino sharing about this special victory!


5. Eats and treats to celebrate this great day after 32 mo. of construction
From the March 2011 Update


1. The church construction in Manápolis


2. The medical/dental clinic--explaining when and how to take medicines to a person from the village using a special bag for illiterate people 


3. There was a lot of work for the dentists.  Asas de Socorro ministered in this particular village school 2 years ago and that was the last time they received a fluoride treatment! 


4.  We hiked 1/2 mile uphill and then downhill every day to and from the village to the river front.  Some days it was unbearably hot and other days it was slippery, slimmey, mucky mud that stuck to our flip flops and made us an inch or two taller, BUT the view was gorgeous and we got to see a toucan (remember Fruit Loops?).


5. Let's see... did she forget anything?  Yeah, she did a great job! 


6. In this village the kid's teeth were full of cavities.  Fluoride treatments go a long way in helping avoid cavities.  They are also learning to brush properly.


7.  Things are shaping up at the church!  In 3 days the guys in partnership with the villagers built the trusses, put up the roofing and nailed up the two side walls.


8. This is awesome, working together and praising God!  Chad working together with the new pastor of this new village church. It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of FUN!


9. We were anchored next to a floating store. 


10. Team member, Brad digging a hole for one of the poles.


11. The walls are finally going up!


12. Installing water filters in village homes,  sharing the love of God and the message of Jesus Christ.


13. A lot of work went into building this church since we had rain, mud, a long walk to the village and the church only started out with the poles.  Normally the pastor tries to put up the trusses so the team can help nail up the roofing and sides and cut out the windows.  They did a great job and the wood this pastor was able to cut is very good wood and will last a long time. We were able to evangelize everywhere and in everything we did.  This trip was awesome.  At least 2 that we know gave their lives to Christ and everyone is excited to attend the new church.  This pastor gave up everything in order to move to this village and pastor the church and will begin building a little one room house on the back of the church to start out!  Praise God for His servants.