Wilson and Lori Kannenberg - serving the Lord with Asas de Socorro


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Pictures from the February 2012 Update

7. Lori outside a shop at São Francisco do Sul

6. One of the most historic cities in Santa Catarina called São Francisco do Sul

5. Wilson, mighty man of strength

4. Wilson's parents

3. Wilson's sister, Marly

2. Our first stop was for breakfast at Uncle Ugo's gas station. The restaurant was an incredible structure of wood and logs. An entire tree was uprooted and used for the main beam
and we sat in chairs under its roots!

1. This is a large cactus that blooms only once a year at midnight. It's called "Dama da Noite" or "Lady of the Night." The flowers don't usually open at the same time but on that night, at the
start of our special day, 14 large flowers bloomed all at once.


Pictures from the January 2012 Update

7. A Panoramic View of Camboru

6. The Beach

5. Downtown Itajai

4. Downtown Itajai

3. Grandma's Garden

2. Kannenberg Family Christmas

1. Happy New Year from Wilson's folks and us!