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Pictures from June 2012 update




Pictures from News Flash #2




Pictures from News Flash #1 from Wilson

1. It was a great surprise to see half of Benjamin Constant under water.

2. Blocks of suspended wooden bridges
extended through streets and avenues. It felt like I was in Veneza or Italy rather than Brazil.

3. The inspection of Alan's plane was done at a floating hangar from the Baptist mission with four of us. We had a wonderful time working together. Alan uses a C185 plane to do leadership training and Bible Institute for 15 Indian tribes.

Pictures from the May 2012 Update

Mission Team from Riverside Community Church in Peoria, IL
Team Leaders:  Ken and Mary Palmer

1. Mission Team from Riverside Community Church in Peoria, IL - Team Leaders:  Ken and Mary Palmer

2. Team Photographer Gary, a professor from Bradley University, at the Banana Market downtown Manaus

3. Destination: Vila Nova   Travel Time: 30 hours  We worked in an tribe among the Sataré Indians.  Here is their “Tuchaua” or chief João and his wife.

4. Our guide Mike (a church worker), Pr. Rubens (the church coordinator of the area) and his wife and Pr. Laílson and Queliana, the pastor of the village church we were constructing. What a great team to work with!

5. Introducing ourselves... Church Team Members: Randy, Pat, Jennifer, Miranda, Emily, Kristina, Ken, Theresa, Mary, Mark, Gary Brazil Team Members: Patrick, Lori, Grace, Lenir, Reginaldo, Daniel, Marisa, Maria, Crew

6. Beginning with the Children's Ministries. Look at all those kids... over 125 of them!

7. Jaime the "Jacaré"(alligator) and Chiquinha. "EEEEUUUU...What's that awful smell coming from your mouth Jaime? Don't you brush your teeth?!

8. "Brush my teeth, what's that?" Let's teach Jaime how to brush his teeth. Thanks Miranda!

9."Do you know how to brush your teeth?" Giving the children toothbrushes and fluoride treatments.

10. God created all things. Just look all around you to see what He has made. Great job team!

11. Jesus calms the storm...

12. And saves His friends. (Learning Bible truths with Lori and Pat)

13. Jesus wants to save you too... (Using the EVANGECUBE to explain the message of salvation in Christ.) A school teacher translated everything that was said to the children into the Indian language Sataré Maué.

14. The BEFORE: preparing the gift bags.

15. And AFTER... special gifts for special people. God loves you!

16. The children are so precious.

17. They have a special place in our hearts.

18. We're off to construct a church! Here is part of the construction crew: Pr. Laílson, Randy, Ken (team leader), Pr. Rubens and Patrick from Ray of Hope Ministries (trip coordinator)

19. Way to go guys, got that roof up on our biggest church yet!

20. Dedication service. What a blessing to have a place of worship!

21. It was so awesome to partner with Riverside Church, Grace and Aurino, Ray of Hope, and the pastors and leaders in the village.

22. This is Mateus, singing and praising God with all his heart (truly amazing and beautiful) along with his two sisters who recited Bible verses.

23. God called Mark to give a special gift. God called Mateus to receive it! Imagine how this little boy can worship and praise God and minister to others with the gift of this guitar!!

24. A job well done and the work continues to the honor and glory of the Lord.

25. Time to head for home.

26. Our special thanks to our two veteran cooks for all their help on these trips: Vera and Marisa (chief cook and bottle washer!)


Pictures from the April 2012 Update

Mission Team from Bloomington, IL – Boat Trip, March 4th –10th
Trip Coordinators: Wilson and Lori
Mission Team Leaders: Pam and Marty O'neall
Mission Team Members: Matthew, Chad, Brad, Ken, Mike, Nathan

1. Let's load up and...

2. Head out on the OA/ASAS mission boat.  You’ll have 11 hours to enjoy the trip.

3. It's a jungle out there.




7. After all, it is the Amazon RAIN forest!


9. We're here! Where? Jauarí Village in the Municipality of Altazes

10. This is Antônio Fernando known as "Tuchaua", the Mura Indian Village Leader who gave his life to Christ while working with the team!

11. Time to call it a day. Sleeping and SNORING side by side on the boat.

12. Greeting the villagers that first morning under the old church structure...

13. The straw house next door is Tuchaua's


14. Hauling the roof off the boat



17. Chad hard at work!

18. Pr. Saraivo – The Pastor Leader of the Area

19. You all worked hard and did a great job on the church!

20. I rejoiced when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord." Ps. 122:1

21. Dedication Service--Praise God for the new church where people can worship, for those who gave their lives to Christ and others who rededicated their lives!

22. Celebrating God with the children

23.  Jesus saved his friends from the storm and He wants to save us too!  (Lenir and Lori – Asas staff)

24. Matthew ministering to the youth... Object lesson: rocks, pebbles, sand and water.

25. Lunchtime, YEAH! Beans, rice, meat and PIRANA?! Think that will fill you up Nathan?

26. Afternoon siesta

27. Village life...

28. Typical village home. Welcome!

29. Just step inside.

30. This adorable little baby slept through all our clomping, talking and laughing.

Preparing water filters:

31. Reginaldo our captain and Daniel our mechanic showing how to mount the filters.

32. You’re doing a great job Brad!

Installing water filters:

33. This was a filter the team installed for the youth group of a church in Poland!

34. Pam and Marty install their very first filter together... AWESOME!!.

Jungle Critters We Caught

35. Eight alligators in one trip... Way to go guys!!!!!!!!




39. Chad, our champion fisherman and alligator wrestler. Congratulations!

40. That's me... I got my FIRST FISH EVER! Ok, so it's not huge, but it's a piranha!!

Jungle Critters We Saw (among others)

41. Beautiful cranes where everywhere

42. There was two iguanas on the tree where we tied up for the night. (The pink and gray dolphins were too fast to film.)

43. How would you like to have this spider in your home?  See his egg sac?

44. Time to head back. Brad sums it up in one look... a look that says God is GREAT, His creation is AMAZING, serving Him is TREMENDOUS... I REST in HIM.

45. Wilson and I want to thank YOU for joining us on this trip and helping to make a difference in the village of Jauarí through your prayers and partnership!


Pictures from the March 2012 Update - Woodridge Mission Team

1. Woodrige Mission Team 2012

2. It takes team work to paint a church inside and out in one day!

3. Surrounded by small wooden shacks on all sides with carnaval music blaring away, we plugged in our own praise music and painted a little church in the slums.

5. The end result with a beaming Pr. Ederaldo and his church leaders.

6. Ministering in the village of São Paulo with Pastor Jacob

7. Teaching Bible truths to the children

8. Having lots of fun, too

9. Sharing God’s love with the youth through fun and group dynamics

10. Meeting physical needs – “bazaar”

11. Flip Flops anyone?

12. Jesus wants us to have clean water and clean hearts!

13. Let’s get going... let’s build a new church.

14. The men worked hard rain or shine alongside the pastor and the leaders of the church.

15. That’s one way to stay in the shade and keep dry Joe!

16. Time to dedicate the new church. This will be the first time this village has a place to know God and worship Him. (The walls of this church will be nailed in by the pastor and leaders)

17. Dedicating the new church with Pastor Jacob

18. We had a great team and a great trip... some great cooks, too! Pancakes... Yum.

19. Team leaders:  Lori and Dave McCalligan.  Thank you all for coming!


Picture from the February 2012 Update

1. Asas de Socorro (Wings of Help) mission conference at a camp near mission headquarters in Anápolis, GO. Almost all of the missionary
families from our six mission bases throughout Brazil gathered together for three days of seminars, fellowship and fun.