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December 2013


1. At the beginning of November, Bianca, a gal from Uruguay came to visit and minister together with us for a week.

2. Wilson's normal workday, all loaded up with jerry cans for fueling the plane, hoe for working at the hangar and bag full of tools, raincoat and gadgets.

November 2013


1. Wilson found this beautiful little bird in the Indian Village of São Luiz. This is someone's pet.

2. Arriving in the village of São Luiz, Amazon.

3. The Indians always give quite the welcoming committee when the plane arrives!

4. There was a long trek up the river bank in order to reach the village.

5. Working hard for three days to dig wells in this village. Many Indians die of hepatitis and other water related diseases.

6. The chief is proud to have the first well. The team made a cement base around the pipe the following day.

7. An Indian woman cooking dinner for her family and the team.

8. Wilson in the middle of the family and the food. What a delight to get to know them.

9. Mom and kids were glad to welcome the team.  These people are so need to know God's love, too!

10. Children's stomachs were filled with worms looking like they were ready to pop.

11. The villagers and team posing for a picture to record new friendships and the fellowship they shared.

12. The teacher training course, The Dynamic Teacher, in Benjamin is underway once again with the participation of 41 teachers.

13. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting a Sunday School class of one of the teachers who took my teacher training course.

October 2013


1. Vision team from IL in an Indian Tribe with Pr. Nestor in front of the new church that is being built. Lorri, Dennis and Cheryl and Jennifer

2. Pr. Edgard's wife Corina and her pre school class. Islândia, Peru

3. A little boy in Corina's school receiving his one decent mail for the day.

4. It was fun to make these animal masks for the BIG even for Children's Day on October: Noah's Ark and God's Promise!

5. Building a small wall to hold in the dirt for the concrete floor of the hangar.

6. Wilson did an emergency flight for these two little Indian boys who were bitten by snakes and had to have their legs amputated.  God spared their lives and now they are all excited to be going to São Paulo to be fitted with prosthesis and have 6 mo. of physical therapy.

September 2013


1. Proud of their accomplishments, these teachers are rewarded with a special certificate.

2. Proud of their accomplishments, these teachers are rewarded with a special certificate.

3. Seventeen teachers completed the 2 mo. teacher training course.

4. Pastors from 7 different church congregations receive Sunday School kits complete with curriculum, visuals and supplies to help them get off to a good start with their new Sunday School Program for children!

August 2013


1. Two little Indian boys who got bitten by snakes. After close to 19 days of chants and local cures when no hope was left, they sought help.

2. Both boys had gangrene and had their legs amputated but we praise God they are recuperating and will be receiving leg prosthesis and physical therapy.

3. Filling the Sunday School kits with all sorts of school supplies and curriculum.

4. Monica and I are super excited and happy to have a part in helping 10 churches to begin Sunday Schools!

5. Wilson doing an emergency flight to Flores, an Indian tribe that is normally closed to outsiders.

6. The Indian chief of Flores was all decked out for Wilson's arrival!

7. An emergency flight to take a 13 yr. old pregnant Indian girl accompanied by her 16 yr. old husband to check their baby who was not moving.  Baby and Mom are doing fine.

8. Michael and Monica presenting Bibles (a special gift from funds from their church) to 10 different pastors/churches.

9. Islandia, Peru, a 30 minute boat ride from Benjamin.  This city is completely suspended.  For 7 mo. of the year the river flows underneath it. 

10. Pr. Edgardo and Joe (ministry partners) have the boat all loaded with pipes and equipment for installing 20 wells in river communities along the Javarí River.

11. Michael and Monica handing out some pretty awesome toothbrushes to give the Indian children a fluoride treatment.

12. Teaching dental hygiene.

13. Playing with the Indian children using our favorite monkey puppet.

14. Working in groups during the teacher training workshop.

15. It's great to see teachers developing their gifts and excited about ministering to children!

16. Each church decorated a shoe box to store Sunday school supplies.  Such creativity.  Aren't they beautiful?

17. Michael, Monica, Indian Chief, Wilson and Lori... happy to be so welcomed and be able to serve. (An Indian from the tribe painted our faces with red juice from a berry.)

July 2013


1. Sunday School teacher training

2. Pastor and leaders

3. The men's group from the retreat

4. Wilson flying an Indian with an almost ruptured appendix to the hopsital

June 2013


1. Landing at a little Indian village in the Javarí River Valley

2. A little monkey in the Amazon Jungle

3. An Indian hut called a maloca which is typical of this region

4. A real feast... eating turtle with your hands inside the maloca

5. Rainy season... Here we can taxi straight to your doorstep in flood season!

6. The daily life of the river people

7. Having fun with the youth

May 2013


1. Material used (pvc pipes) for digging wells in river villages and Indian tribes throughout the Javarí River Valley

2. Digging a well in the village of Sabonete (soap) for the Indian Bible Seminary

April 2013


1. Precious Pearls, first women's event - key women in the church 

2. Celebrating International Women's Day

3. Skit followed by choreography of "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!" Awesome!

4. New found joy after the Vice Mayor declared his allegiance to Christ along with his wife in front of us all.

5. Our celebration ended with a few gifts and each woman received a pearl bracelet as a reminder of how precious and valuable they are to God.

March 2013


1. More than 1000 people gathered together to celebrate 85 years of the church in Benjamin Constant in praise, worship and thanksgiving.

2. Wilson welcoming the new pastor and his wife to the church. (Pr. Frank and Mayra)

3. Celebrating 85 years of church ministry in the city of Benjamin Constant with a cake 1 1/2 yards long.

4. Special meeting with Ticuna church and tribal leadership and health workers to see how we can partner together to meet physical and spiritual needs.

5. Meeting together with tribal leaders, health representatives and Christian leaders among the Matis, Mauruno, Marubo and Canamarí Tribes.

6. The tribal chief with his granddaughter. A father without a son and a daughter without a dad after this man's son died from hepatitis along with more than 300 other Indians this year.

February 2013


1. Greetings from Benjamin Constant!  Right before Christmas, Wilson and I left Manaus on a beautiful sunny morning (5:00 am). We took off full speed ahead in the Cessna 206 6-seater plane sitting side by side for 4hrs, 30 min., flying over 1000 kilometers of pure jungle without being able to say a word to each other, or barely (maybe that’s a good thing-ha).  The engine of the 206 is loud.  Wilson had on his headset and I wore earplugs.  As we approached Benjamin Constant large columns of vapor rose above the jungle floor from the tail end of a rain like some kind of extraterrestrial setting.  We were greeted by missionary Bob Hamilton and family. 

2. Tour the sights and sounds of this unique little city with us. The only way to get here is by boat or float plane.  The local port is a busy place and welcomes everyone with the hustle and bustle of boats/canoes/ barges, etc. coming and going. It’s rainy season here and the river has risen more than 3 meters since we arrived. Downtown Benjamin is filled with little shops, bakeries, churches and mini markets. It’s actually cleaner than I imagined (nice surprise).  The houses (mostly wood and brick) are quaint and clean.  Many are very colorful and trimmed with gingerbread wood around the doors and windows.  Benjamin is a noisy city with all the motorcycles racing through town.  90% of the people here ride motorcycles.  Wilson and I are already used to hopping on the back of one to go to and from the house and purchase supplies.  We have also done a LOT of walking.  Most days it rains all night long and is sunny and nice during the day which has been perfect for working on the house.  Some mornings we wake up to a world covered in a thick blanket of fog and EVERY morning we wake up to an amazing symphony of birds People are very nice and friendly.  God has blessed us with so many people from church who have come to help and visit. 

3. The container that was donated to us with our belongings and av gas, water filters, etc. inside and on top.

4. First flight in the Javarí River Valley to the river village "Sabonete".

5. 150 young people from 5 different ethnic groups and tribes praising God and learning how they can reach their people for Christ.

6. No one sleeps in this church! At least not during the classes and services.

7. Land where we hope to build the hangar.