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November 2014

1. We are helping a wonderful couple from our congregation, Amarildo and Elina, start a new church in a little rural community called Grajarí, 8 miles from Benjamin Constant.

2. Elina is a school teacher in Grajarí  and here she is teaching a Sunday School class in our church.

3.  Elina just finished the two month teacher training course I administered and can’t wait to work with the children, adolescents and youth in the new church!

4. Wilson and the men from our Church trying to get take the construction materials to Grajarí to build the church.  What a muddy mess!

5. A little more than 60 young people gathered in the back of our house for a special youth event... Night out at the movies. They are watching the movie “God is NOT Dead.”
September 2014

1. I am administering another two month teacher-training course, The Dynamic Teacher for the third time here in Benjamin. 35 teachers from 13 different evangelical churches are filled with enthusiasm to learn how to evangelize and disciple children.

2. Wilson did a flight to Santo Antônio do Iça where he and another pastor gave seminars to 165 couples at a church retreat.

3. The hangar project is going well. Tractors arrived from Manaus and we were able to level the land for the ramp and move the container away from the hangar for av gas storage and begin constructing the office space and room for parts.

4. August was filled with celebrations: Wilson's 59th birthday, Father's Day and the Anniversary of our congregation. The best celebration of all is our life in Christ, each and every day!

5. We had the special honor of being "padrinhos" (like God-parents) in Ana and Jocicley's beautiful outdoor wedding. Anna is the daughter of an American missionary family and Jocicley is from Benjamin Constant.

6. Anna's mother made this beautiful wedding cake and also the dresses of all the brides maids. A missionary wife, Kim Yoder, made her gorgeous dress.

August 2014

  Mission Team from New Life Christian Church – July, 2014
Ministry – Helping Pastora Corina with her preschool and doing VBS.
They also provided funds for constructing a concrete base for Pr. Edgardo´s new church.

1. Team members: Ella, Jennifer, Lucas, Kayle, Jessica and Lisa

2. The mission boat is almost ready. They just need to do the electrical installation, water
pipes and documentation.

3. The team leader Jennifer and her son Lucas

4. This is Pastora Corina and her preschool class that meets in her home. She also ministers to over 100 children during Sunday School. We partner together on ministries such as digging wells and church builds.

5.  The kids are listening with rapt attention to the Bible lesson of Naaman.

6. The team helping the kids do handcrafts during VBS

7. After learning how to brush his teeth, this little boy giving a demonstration!

8.  The class proudly showing off their new toothbrushes and toothpaste


9. Jennifer is displaying the awesome ministry tool the team brought down and presented to both Corina and I. It´s a complete kit of large flannel graph figures for 156 Bible lessons!


July 2014


1. Welcome to our world! Wilson and Lori Kannenberg, missionaries to Brazil, Amazon, stationed in Benjamin Constant

2. The mission team from Faith Bible Church, WI has finally arrived. From left to right is team leader Fred, Zachary and his dad Pr. Ryan, Rich, Christy, Christine, Tim, Tim and Collette.

3. Way to go Collette!

4. We are on the boat... (Zachary, Tim and Rich)

5. ...and ready to go. (Tim, Christine and Christy)

6. Pr. Ryan and his son Zachary excited to be on their way.

7. It was great to have Jennifer and Lucas, from one of our supporting churches in IL, join us.

8. As we travelled along the Tacana River...

9. Our "Capitão" and his crew member piloting the boat.

10. Sleeping arrangements!

11. Pr. Elando, Pr. Edgardo and his helper Janz

12. Alzenir, our faithful and hardworking employee.

13. This is Tacila, my special friend and the pastor's wife of our little church.

14. We had some amazing meals thanks to our great cooks, Patricia, (Pr. Elando's wife) and Rosinete.

15. See for yourself!

16. Digging semi-artesian wells to provide pure drinking water for the villages...

17. Digging a new well in the Christian village... its dirty work, huh Pr. Ryan! J

18. Having fun learning about dental hygiene with puppets and a flash card story!

19. The team's awesome and creative version of David and Goliath.

20. Sharing in the Christian church with Pr. Damião and presenting the Messengers, solar powered talking Bibles the size of a cell phone.

21. Receiving a special invitation from the village priest of the Cross Church (a cult predominate in this area). He read the story in the Bible of Nicodemus and Pr. Ryan preached the Gospel message pure and simple.

22. Connecting with the people. Zachary amazing them with some of his magic tricks.

23. Collette having fun with some of the kids.

24. From all of us to all of you – Thank you for joining our trip through your prayers and support!

April 2014


1. Dedicating a new Church in Santa Luzia

2. Wilson had the special privilege of sharing a message from God's Word.

3. After the dedication we all walked to the river front to baptize 13 new believers.

4. What a celebration it was! One woman who couldn't walk taken into the water sitting in her chair and baptized, chair and all!!

5. Wilson and I, together with a leader from our church and Corina, the pastor's wife from Islândia took a larger speed boat 5 hrs upriver to Cavalo Cocha, Peru. That evening we held a wonderful service and had fellowship with the brothers and sisters in Christ there.

6. Welcome to the River Village called Álfaro that is another 5 hrs. upriver. Here you will find this little church that has no pastor for some time now.

7. After travelling most of the night, Wilson arrived in the village and was able to baptize 9 children and baptize 5 more believers.

8. That night Wilson performed a beautiful wedding ceremony for 8 couples.

9. Álfaro is full and overflowing with children. Who is going to tell them of the Good News of Jesus Christ?

March 2014


1. Larry and his crew are ministry partners from InTouch Ministries who help people around the world get "in touch" with God by distributing "talking Bibles" free of charge to those who have no access to a Bible or cannot read and write.

2. Their amazing ministry tool is called "The Messenger". It is the size of a cell phone, is recharged by solar power and narrates God's Word from Genesis through Revelation. The Messenger is available in various languages around the world and helps us to "go and make disciples" of all nations!

3. Wilson is flying Larry and his crew to several Ticuna Indian villages in a remote area of the Amazon.

4. When you want to reach an unreached peoples with the Gospel where do you begin? Building relationships.

5. The look on these people's faces when they turned on "The Messenger" (talking Bible) and heard God's Word in their own language was priceless!

6. The look on these people's faces when they turned on "The Messenger" (talking Bible) and heard God's Word in their own language was priceless!

7. Cassiano, a missionary anthropologist, Wagner, a businessman and Marcelo, a dentist excited and ready to be God's witnesses during a dental clinic.

8. Wilson and the guys are heading for a remote area among the Maioruna Indians to build relationships and take care of health needs.

9. Arriving at a Maioruna Indian village.

10. Their thatch roof homes offer shade from the heat and some protection from the bugs.

11. The children are always such a joy!

12. Time to get to work!

13. Cassiano, Marcelo and Wagner have their hands full.

14. This village can only be reached by boat.

15. Marco is a Maioruna Christian Indian leader who was their guide and paved the way for Wilson and the guys to enter these Indian areas.

16. Marco is a Maioruna Christian Indian leader who was their guide and paved the way for Wilson and the guys to enter these Indian areas.

17. We praise God for the opportunity Wilson had to share God's love through an interpreter in a little service in one of the villages.

18. Cassiano giving leadership training to seminary students at Sabonete.

February 2014


1. Mission Team from IL Feb. 2014 -
Ryan, Lindsey, Bob, Pam and Marty (team leaders), Lewin, Chad,  Brad and Debbie, Pam, Wilson and Lori

2. Pr. Elandro, the pastor/coordinator of river area where we built the church.  Here he is... all excited about his new reading glasses.

3. Restarting the church construction after the poles were pulled out and the holes filled in.  "Our God is so Big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing our God cannot do!"

4. Americans, Peruvians, Brazilians and Ticuna Indians all working side by side as one!

5. (far left) Joe and Pr. Edgard overseeing the digging of the well on the side of the church.

6. Children's ministries.  These two children are having fun with the monkey puppet.

7. We all had fun acting out a Bible story!

8. Teaching Dental Hygiene with the help of the village chief (cacique). 

9. Brad was a tremendous help being "the teeth"!

10. The kids asked if they could spit the fluoride out in the hole in the school.  I gave our "ok" as long as they didn't miss.

11. Debbie gave an awesome women's devotional in São Luis. Then we made bracelets.

12. Here's a group picture of the women after our devotional in São João de Veneza. What a great time we had learning from each other!

13. Pam fitting one of the village Indian ladies with reading glasses.

14. The "other" Pam congratulating this woman on her new look after receiving her glasses.

15. Distributing Bibles. This young man is one of our workers.  He really made an effort to learn English to communicate with the team.  They blessed him with an English/Portuguese Bible.

16. We praise God that the team was able to finish the three walls if the church and fill in much of the floor with dirt so the cement floor can be laid later on.

17. Before they left Brazil, the team had the wonderful opportunity to visit Pr. Edgard and Corina in their home and hear their testimonies.

18. We wanted the team to meet another missionary couple in town, Bob and Karen Hamilton and family.  They invited us all over for an afternoon snack and Karen surprised Wilson and I by making us a beautifully decorated cake for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

January 2014


1. Wishing you a New Year full of God's richest blessings!

2. The construction of the hangar is underway.  Here is a tractor filling in the foundation.

3. The container in the background is now in place and will serve as our office/shop.

4. Tractors leveling the land of the mission base in Benjamin Constant.

5. Making way for the construction of the ramp so we can haul the plane in and out of the water.

6. Wilson had the wonderful opportunity of preaching at the anniversary celebration of one of the churches in a distant river village.

7. The graduation and celebration of teachers who finished the two month course, The Dynamic Teacher.

8. The class repeating our goal throughout the course: II Timothy 2:15 "Be diligent to show yourself approved to God..."

9. One of the church denominations represented celebrating this special victory.

10. Congratulations to each of you! What a tremendous blessing to be used by God to impact the lives of these teachers and teach them how to evangelize and disciple children!

11. Our year ended with a wonderful time of Fun, food and fellowship with pastors, church leaders and friends. We roasted hotdogs in a barbecue pit! It was a first for everyone there.

12. The end of the year a church sponsored collective wedding was held for 52 couples who were untied before the Lord in holy matrimony!  We praise God for open doors, the resources and judge (provided by the town's mayor) to make this all possible so these couples could finally legalize their union.

13. Wilson and I were overwhelmed and blessed to receive a special honor from the Brazilian Military of Tabatinga for being what they call "Friends of the Army" for supporting and helping them through emergency flights, etc. throughout the year.