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December 2015

1. What a blessing to gather together with the evangelical churches in Benjamin Constant for the March for JESUS!

2. Marching and Praying over our town. Our message?... ONLY JESUS SAVES.

3. It's a race against time to construct the ramp of the hangar while the river rises over two feet a day.

4. We would like to finish the ramp this year to be able to transfer the airplane, provide a safe place for boats from pastors down river and use it for maintenance of the plane and mission boats.

5. We pray God will use this hangar and mission base for His honor and glory!

6. An ordinary day for this woman is to sell her cucumbers at the port with her baby, sound asleep, nestles in a plastic tub by her side. May God use us to help these people find true joy through Jesus!
November 2015

1. The hangar we are currently using for the mission airplane until the ramp is finished to the hangar we are constructing.

2. The river we have used for take offs and landings is almost completely dry! Can’t wait until the new hangar is done!

3. This is a Cashew fruit. It makes delicious juice, pies and desserts. On the bottom of each fruit is one cashew nut wrapped in a shell or casing that is very poisonous. Only by heating it at a very hot temperature can you remove the nut.

4. It’s a race against time to build the ramp to the hangar. The rains began this week and every day the river rises more than two feet. The workers have already been able to construct several meters.

5. The special event we held for Children’s Day event in Benjamin Constant for the seven church congregations. Welcome to the “CIRCUS OF HAPPINESS”. This little girl came all dressed up and ready to celebrate!

6. The special event we held for Children’s Day event in Benjamin Constant for the seven church congregations. Welcome to the “CIRCUS OF HAPPINESS". This little girl came all dressed up and ready to celebrate!

7. Close to 200 children heard the Gospel message through a drama presentation called “In Search of True Happiness."

8. Daniela is one of the several teachers who helped to put this party together.

9. More excited teachers in front of the party favor gifts they made and their game.

10. What a tremendous time recognizing  the hard work and dedication of all the teachers and their assistants of the Children’s Department. I gave a short message in their honor, we handed out certificates of thanksgiving and also gave new Sunday school kits and curriculum to each congregation (8 total).

11. Elina and her husband Amarildo are the leaders of a new church plant in a rural community called Grajarí. Elina will be working with the children and was so excited to receive her Sunday School kit full of curriculum and school supplies!

12. What a blessing to participate in the very first church service in Grajarí giving our help and support to this dedicated couple. (Amarildo and Elina)

13. Sharing God’s Word to those who have never heard.

14. Celebrating a new church plant with spiritual food and fellowship in the first church service in Grajarí.

15. We do have crazy, fun times here. We are heading out, together with a few other pastors and leaders, accompanying the youth group of all seven church congregations in town for a Day at the BEACH. This tub of a boat managed to "swallow up" close to 90 of us.
October 2015

1. A glimpse of a few of our visits during our time in the USA . . . mission team leaders Marty and Pam from IL

2. Haven of rest at their home where we also had a great evening with other past team members

3. Food, fun and fellowship with mission team leaders Ken and Mary and past team members from Riverside Community Church

4. On our trip to Virginia, it was awesome to visit with my Uncle Everett, Aunt Alice and Cousin Carol.

5.  Meeting and sharing about missions in Brazil with church folks at our mission display table

6.  Visiting with Albin, Cousin Bonnie and family

7.  We had a wonderful time meeting and sharing with New Branch Community Church in VA for the first time.

8. It’s always fun to share with the kids about missions and how they can be a part of it. 

9. Ben enjoyed meeting our new "team members," too. Thank you guys for such an awesome gift!
July 2015

1.  We are celebrating our 35 years serving the Lord in the Amazon, Brazil with the mission Asas de Socorro, wings of help.

2.  The first trusses of the hangar were installed the end of May!

3.  We had great, sunny days to install the rest of the trusses.

4.  The roofing is up! (front of hangar)

5.  Here is a side view of the hangar.

6.  This is Pr. Nestor’s church in a Ticuna Indian Village called Lauro Saudré. Wilson, Zach and a crew of men went to help him  finish the wooden sides of the church.

7.  Alzenir and Zach working side by side for the glory of the Lord!

8.  This church is larger than some since the village is very big. The men worked hard to build the walls.

9.  Our team stayed for one day. They did a great job!

10.  Pr. Nestor’s kids went fishing 1 hour before lunch and this is part of what they caught!

11.  Having lunch with Pr. Nestor and his family

12.  The 8 new Sunday School kits I have been preparing are finally done and ready to be handed out at a special ceremony to honor the teachers and their assistants when we return from furlough the beginning of October. This material will give almost 3 years of teaching for the kids!
June 2015

1.  This is Luziete and Isaías, a couple from Manaus, who left everything behind to serve the Lord with us and moved to a river village along the Javarí River.

2. Andrew, a single missionary, is translating the Bible and evangelizing the Marubu tribes. Here is is with the chief and Christian leaders he disciples. 

3. Wilson and Pr. Edgardo were guest speakers at a leader’s conference in Iquitos, Peru. They had an awesome time and learned a lot also. 

4.  Our town is flooded for over three months now. The city provided the wood for these suspended sidewalks and flood victims are receiving basic food items although food and supplies are arriving regularly by barge as always. Please pray for the physical and spiritual needs of the people here!

5.  The few roads that are not flooded are full of holes, mud and muck. Transportation has been very complicated lately.

6.  It’s a blessing to have Pr. Ryan from Faith Bible Church and his son Zachery serving the Lord together with us.
May 2015

1.  We are celebrating our 35 years serving the Lord in the Amazon, Brazil with the mission Asas de Socorro, wings of help.

2. The Javarí and Amazon rivers are full and overflowing into our little town of Benjamin Constant.

3. Suspended sidewalks are being constructed all over town so we can still shop and get around.

4. Our main church congregation is now flooded. We suggested that they hold a pool party for the children’s department. (Not really, since it’s gutter water)

5. This is Pr. Edgardo’s and Corina’s home in Islândia, Peru, a nearby village. It is NOT a floating house but sits around 5 meters up off the ground in dry season. Presently, water is entering their home.

6. This year Asas de Socorro is commemorating 60 years of ministry in Brazil.
April 2015

1. March, 2015 Riverside Community Church, Peoria, IL. - Mission Trip with Pat, Randy, Ben, Heather, Kevin, Ken, Mary and Heath

2. A delicious breakfast at the local "resort" in Benjamin Constant called "Cabanas."

3. Pr. Edgardo and his crew from Islândia, Peru left for the village two days early to clear the land, install the main posts of the church and build the trusses.

4. These little girls were so happy to welcome us to their village and their home!

5. This is the village of Santa Teresa, Peru.

6. Here we are making a trip to the church site by boat.

7. Ken and Randy working hard on the church

8. A special time of prayer with Kevin, Heather and Heath

9. Way to go Heath. You make a GREAT alligator for the story of Noah!

10. Ben leading the animals into the ark

11. Pat had a great time playing with the kids… ball, jump rope or Frisbee anyone?

12. We had a special service our last day in the village to dedicate Pr. Henrique and the new church after only four days of construction.

13. Our second church construction in Peru, located in Santa Teresa. This church measures 8 by 16 meters. Pr. Henrique, wife and six children will live in the back!

14. March 15th , 2015 - The “Água Viva” (Living Water) is readyWe held a special service our last day dedicated the church and consecrating Pr. Henrique. Here we are reenacting the story "Jesus Calms the Storm" with help from the children and adults alike. Here is Pr. Henrique as "Jesus" and the children as his disciples.

15. What a blessing to be partnering with YOU in the Amazon reaching the lost for Christ!

16. Here is John 3:16 written in Spanish on the wall of a home in the village!
March 2015

1. March 15th , 2015 - The “Água Viva” (Living Water) is ready to roll for our first mission trip and church plant in Peru!

2. We are on our way 13 hours up the Javarí River to a little village of 30 families called Japón, Peru.

Pam and Marty O’neall and team members – Brandon, Marty, Pam, Pam, Bob, Chad and Ryan.

3. Here we are ready to see God at work!

4. Pr. Edgardo and his team – Pr. Henrique, Miguel, José, Josué and Pr. Edgardo.

5. Chad and Bob building the Church walls.

6. Brandon and Marty sealing the nails so the roof won’t leak.

7. After 3 ½ days of HARD WORK, the Church is finished, complete with windows, door and stairs!

8. The children are so precious! Here they are busy at work.

9.  We were able to bless them with toys sent to us from the Tent Church in Manaus.

10. This little boy is an “Israelite” boy  learning about Jesus in our children’s program.

11. These boys are learning to talk to God in prayer

12. What an awesome time we had praising God in song, hearing Bible lessons and...

13. Playing games!

14. The children had fun learning how to care for their teeth. We also gave them a fluoride treatment.

15.  It was a lot of fun fitting the adults with reading glasses and providing them with toothbrushes.

16. One Israelite women had a small tumor on her leg. Dr. Brandon and Pam treated her wound.

17. We had a wonderful time sharing with the ladies one afternoon and making bracelets.

18. Pr. Henrique is a humble, loving man of God who has a passion for reaching His people for Christ. He will be pastoring the church we built in Japón, Peru together with his wife and six children. He will also pastor a church in a nearby village called Santa Teresa that we will be building in two weeks with another mission team.

19. We praise God for the first church plant in Peru out the 40 that are projected until 2020. God’s blessings are beyond compare!

20. Some people think we are crazy to do what we do. The Bible says: 

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God!”

I Corinthians 1:18


February 2015

1. Starting the New Year at a fellowship breakfast with pastors from evangelical churches throughout Benjamin Constant. The main menu? UNITY in Christ!

2. We made a special visit to the Indian Seminary at Sabonete where we prayed over the land they will use to build a cafeteria and new kitchen. Later that week, Wilson helped order and had 3000 bricks sent by boat so they could begin construction!

3. Holding a farewell service for Pr. Elando in the river village of Guanabara I

4. Welcoming Pr. Jacimar and his family

5. Pastors preaching God’s Word in the interior of the Amazon

6. Visiting the village of Bom Pastor (Good Shepard) to hold a service and encourage the pastor and his family
January 2015

1. What an amazing time we shared as 29 people from the church congregations in Benjamin Constant professed their faith in Christ through Baptism.

2. Our new pastor coordinator, Pr. Alfredo, celebrating new life in Christ together with all those who were baptized.

3. We had the special privilege of being guests of honor and participating in the graduation of Corinás preschool class in Islândia, Peru.

4. The children in blue are the graduates. There were nine in all. Corina prepared an elaborate ceremony, diploma, games and delicious meal for one and all.

5. Jader and Sara, our nephew and his wife from south Brazil, came to spend the holidays with us and seek God’s willing concerning their involvement in missions in the future.

6. What a joy to receive hymn books and Bibles that were donated to the churches in this region! God’s blessings are abundant!!

7. What a mountain of t-shirts and toys we received from our home church in Manaus. Our special thanks to these brothers and sisters from the Tent Church for blessing missionaries, teachers, children, adults and pastors of over 12 church communities and helping to make their Christmas extra special!

8. In five days we were able to unpack, organize, classify and distribute over 700 toys and more than 2000 t-shirts to 12 church communities as well as missionaries and other people in Benjamin Constant, river and Indian villages in the interior of the state and Peru.

9. Some very excited Sunday school teachers came to receive toys for their classes. For many of these children, this was the only toy they received. This is Hinndyrecemma, one of the teachers.

10. Sebastaina, another teacher on the far right.

11. Here is Daniela, a teacher from another congregation.

12. Jessica is a teacher’s assistant in the children’s department of their church.

13. Sara working with the children at Central Church. They are coloring and putting together a beautiful manger scene so they can take it home and share the Christmas story with their family and friends.

14. Even Jader got into the spirit, working on one of his own and helping the kids!

15. It’s so fun to be a kid! Here are the children from Central Church with their presents.

16. Sara brought a few clothes from her church for the little ones. These moms were so excited to receive a few clothes for their babies.

17. Here are the children from our church, Filadelfia, celebrating Jesus and His many blessings.

18. The adults were every bit as excited as the children to receive their new t-shirts and are now proudly walking all around town displaying their new shirts.

19. Our hearts are filled with sin and only Jesus can heal us and give us new life. Working with the children in Islândia, Peru.

20. What a wonderful Christmas party we had with the children in Islândia, Peru, complete with a story, songs, toys chocolate milk and fruit cake for everyone!