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December 2016

1. The church in Islândia Peru now has a roof and the walls are halfway up! This church/seminary training center is growing rapidly. Soon they will be holding the fourth seminary training module with guest speakers from Iquitos.

2. Ben, Jessica and Lucas arrived in Brazil the end of November. We are at Wilson’s parent’s house. Ben is studying Portuguese four hours a day and we are helping care for Wilson’s dad who is now bed ridden.

3. Even while in bed, without being able to talk or eat, Wilson’s dad has continues to display a positive, upbeat spirit. At the moment he sleeps peacefully and profoundly most of the day and night.
November 2016

1. Thank you for your prayers and support

2. We had a wonderful visit with Sarah, Jader (Wilson’s nephew) and Pedro. They are finalizing plans to come and partner with us and another missionary couple in the near future.

3. I (Lori) helped coordinate an evangelistic program for Children’s Day. There were close to 200 kids and we praise God that several of them decided to trust in God as their Savior!

4. The children from one church congregation taught us the song – Jesus Loves the Little Children

5. What an amazing time we had learning about God’s True Love… Salvation through Christ!

6. Here are the special “take home” gifts the children received. They were encouraged to use the bracelet to share the Wordless Book salvation message with their family and friends.

7. Sara teaching the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 to a neighborhood Bible Club. She did made an amazing visual for this lesson!

8. Abraão e Luciane, leaders of three churches in river villages, were so excited to receive Bible for the families in their churches and a Sunday School kit to work with the kids.

9. The mission boat is travelling along the Curuçá river where Pr. Edgardo and Joe (another ministry partner) and team will dig 6 wells (One in each village) that has a generator, pump and huge water box and will meet the needs of the entire village.

10. Wilson, Pr. Edgardo and Joe talking over last minute details of this 50-day boat trip. Not only will they dig wells but will be showing the Jesus movie in each village in the indigenous language.

11. The boat is loaded with food, supplies, diesel and equipment.

12. We also held a special Children’s Day Evangelistic Program for around 70 children at a neighborhood Bible club. We were literally melting from the heat but we all had a GREAT time.
October 2016

1. Reconnecting with family. A proud father/son duo! 

2. Enjoying worship with Joshua and Leighann.

3. Fun time with family… enjoying a walks along the riverfront in Peoria, IL with Grandpa and Lucas, Brandon and Julie and Ben and Jessica

4. Reconnecting and time of worship together with Julie and Jessica. 

5. So much fun at parks and the out-of-doors with Ben, Jessica and Lucas in Kansas and also in Illinois.

6. We praise God for those who opened up their homes to us during our travels and the wonderful hospitality we received. Here is just one of those places… Dave and Lori McCalligan and family in WI. They along with three other couples will prayerfully be forming teams and leading mission trips to Brazil next year.

7. Our time we extremely limited but we did get to visit with our kids, grandson and a few of you! What a great time we had with Cheryl and her husband while getting the boat ready to tow to IL.

8. Diane Sevener

9. Our heartfelt thanks to Mike and Diane for the gift of the boat! May we use it for God’s glory to help spread the Gospel throughout the Amazon!!

10. Thank you for upholding us and the ministries in Brazil so faithfully!  Continue to pray with us that God will provide the last 20% of the mission support Ben and Jessica need so they can join forces with us in the near future!
September 2016

1. One more Flannel Graph Kit is cut and organized, ready to be used by these two teachers, Rosenilde and Daniela to evangelize and disciple children. We praise God for these wonderful resources that churches have donated!

2. The beginning of August, Tássia, (Teacher/Praise and Worship Leader) and I team taught a Teacher Training Workshop on Children’s Praise and Adoration.

3. What an amazing time we had learning all about praise and worship, how to teach new songs to children, make worship more dynamic and more! Each teacher received a certificate of participation, seminar content, a CD of children’s praise songs, words to the music and a handwork page of one of the songs.

4. Teacher’s hard at work, making song visuals out of foamy material.

5. Teacher’s hard at work, making song visuals out of foamy material.

6. Here are some of the “fruits” of their labor…

7. Seminary Module in Islândia, Peru. Each group represented shared special music during the closing service.

8. Pr. Henrique and his Family from the Peruvian village of Santa Teresa.

9. Praise Team from Benjamin Constant. This group accompanies many of our ministries and we love to see them developing their gifts before the Lord!

10. After a short message from Wilson, the closing service ended with a time of prayer and dedication of the pastors and leaders.

11. We praise God for all those who participated in this Seminary Module.

12. Pr. Ladilau’s Ticuna Indian church in Porto Cordeirinho is growing. He was so excited to be able to take some Bibles to the new families in the church!
August 2016

1. God is at work through YOU!

2. Our mission base is up and running at last!

3. It's awesome to be able to finally use the hangar to do maintenance on the plane, boats and for other mission projects and activities.

4. These Bible Story books, filled with flash card illustrations of stories throughout the entire Bible are an amazing tool Andrew put together for use with the "Messengers" (Talking Bibles) and by Indian leaders and pastors as the teach and preach. Wilson and Andrew have already done a couple of flights to distribute them to more than 18 Indian tribes.

5. Second to last picture – Game night! Wilson challenged the youth to pay the price and put God first, praying and reading God's Word every day like Daniel. Then we took on the challenge of learning to teach them Uno and Spoons. It was hilarious!

6. We topped the evening off with an "all you can eat" ice cream/popcorn dessert. Don't think these young people ate so much ice cream at one sitting… EVER!
July 2016

1. Missionary Allen Yoder and Wilson excited and ready to fly from São Paulo da Olivênça, Amazon to Fortaleza, Ceará!

2. After a 2-day, 17 hr. flight, they finally arrived at their destination! So sad to see our dear friends and coworkers leave the Amazon but excited for their new ministry teaching Biblical Counseling in northeast Brazil!
June 2016

1. The opening service of the first Seminary Training by Extension in Islândia, Peru. The youth from our church singing "There is no God like Jehova!"

2. Five Conference Speakers: Pr. Edgardo from the Church in Islândia, Peru, Pr. Wilson and Evangelist Maurilio from Benjamin, Constant, Brazil.

3. Five Conference Speakers: Pr. Edgardo from the Church in Islândia, Peru, Pr. Wilson and Evangelist Maurilio from Benjamin, Constant, Brazil.

4. Five Conference Speakers: Pr. Edgardo from the Church in Islândia, Peru, Pr. Wilson and Evangelist Maurilio from Benjamin, Constant, Brazil.

5. We had a wonderful time hostessing missionaries Doug and Lydia Caudill and their two kids Jubilee and Ryan. They are looking into the possibility of coming to the Javarí River Valley to minister in the near future.

6. We had a wonderful time hostessing missionaries Doug and Lydia Caudill and their two kids Jubilee and Ryan. They are looking into the possibility of coming to the Javarí River Valley to minister in the near future.

7. We invited the youth group to watch the movie The War Room. It's tremendous watching these young people growing in their walk with Christ!

8. Joshua and Leighann love living in Dallas, TX and enjoy their Jobs at the Hilton Hotel and Hilton Corporate.

9. Meet Luna, the newest member of our family! This is “grandpup” #3.

10. Leighann was just promoted to Team Lead Revenue Manager at Hilton Corporate. We are so proud of her!

11. Our daughter Julie was unanimously nominated and won the Nursing Excellence award for Transformational Leadership Indirect Clinical Provider at OSF Hospital. We are so proud of her accomplishments and rejoice in this victory too.

12. Ben, Jessica and Lucas continue speaking in churches and Bible study groups about missions, trusting God to help complete their mission support until August so they can come to Brazil as full time missionaries.

13. It's Time to Celebrate! Graduation of the teacher-training course, The Dynamic Teacher. The class is reciting II Timothy 2:15… our goal.

14. The pastor/leader of each church was invited to hand out the certificates of their teachers. We felt honored to play a small part in the graduation of four more teachers from the church denomination we attend. Tássia (white dress) came in 1st place and Cheila (extreme right) came in 2nd .

15. Eight different church denominations participated in this course. Here is the group from the Independent Baptist Church.

16. Bruna is proudly displaying her certificate together with her pastor and his wife… a victory well deserved. She came in 3rd place!

17. Upon signing their certificate, each teacher was making a commitment before the Lord and their church to be a Christian testimony, dedicate themselves to pray for their students, prepare their lessons well, be on time, be responsible and faithful to the Lord. Each pastor/leader signed the certificates of their teachers as well.

18. These twenty-three teachers, servants of Christ, participated in this course to develop their God given gift of teaching. Their desire is to honor God with their lives and dedicate themselves to the ministry of evangelizing and discipling children.

19. Graduation and Celebration! We commemorated our victory with a delicious breakfast/brunch, together with our special guests… pastors, their wives and leaders of the different churches represented.
May 2016

1. The Airplane Hangar ramp is finally done… YEAH! We hope to be able to transfer the plane to this hangar by the end of May.

2. The concrete hangar floor is also done and we praise God for His perfect timing and for this great job.

3. They make a thick layer of cement to withhold all the equipment, plane and boats.

4. The guys laid 2 meter sections in width  and the length of the hangar per day and finished in two weeks!

5. Can you guess what this is for? These are the flip flops of teachers coming to learn how to help children know God and trust in Christ.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News. Romans 10:15

6. This is the 4th time I am administering the teacher training course, The Dynamic Teacher. There are around 30 of us… all very excited and ready to learn and participate and teach children the things of God.

7. Middle of April, I helped coordinate a children's event with Marinete on The Fruit of the Spirit. What a blessing to watch over 200 kids give presentations with their Sunday School classes. Each group represented one fruit and one Fruit of the Spirit. The program included choreography, songs, reciting verses or giving oral or drama presentations.

8. Here is a group of “grapes” presenting a choreography about the PEACE of the Lord!

9. Each teacher made a large banner to represent their class. After the program they made a circle of chairs for their class so we could play Fruit basket upset and serve the children cake and juice. This “stand” represents a fruit called “cajú” (where the cashew nut comes from) and the Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control.

10. The teachers also made little take home baskets with fruit flavored candies. Here are little “banana” baskets.

11. So much love and creativity went into this children’s program and we praise God for each and every teacher and child that participated!

12. This is what we all learned:  But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Galations 5:22
April 2016

1. It was awesome to welcome the Seeds of Hope Mission Team from Woodridge Community Church, WI the beginning of March.

2. Here they are, ready to roll….

3. Students are raising their hands to make a commitment to say “NO” to drugs!

4. The choreography group from our church that did a short drama presentation on the consequences of drugs. It was very powerful!

5. A drama/choreography team from our church gave a very powerful presentation on the results of using drugs.

6. Arriving in the Ticuna Indian village of Aiuma, Peru

7. The woman of the team ministered to the ladies of the village sharing the Gospel through nail polish, massaging their hands with lotion and making rock necklaces to remind them that Jesus is our “rock” and foundation.

8. The young people had fun painting with Sandy and Emily.

9. The young people had a great time making gigantic bubbles!

10. The children are learning how to brush their teeth with Kathy.

11. The team is having fun teaching the children a praise song using sign language.

12. Sisters Sandy and Nancy reading the kids a Bible story while the team decorated and made preparations for the children’s program.

13. Pr. Carlos will be the leader of this church that was built. He is excited and so thankful to the Lord for directing him to this place.

14. So this is the start of the new church… starting from “scratch”!

15. The team worked hard on the church. Allie, Tina and Kathy joined the men in the afternoon. They can really pound those nails!

16. Jim and Dan are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord and help provide a place of worship for these people!

17. The children learn how very much God cares for them through the Lost Lamb story.

18. How the kids love to participate in the Bible Lesson Time and learn firsthand about how Jesus saved His friends and wants to save them too!

19. The team came up with very creative ways to show that God created the world and made you and me. Through these stories they were able to share the Gospel in a clear and simple way.

20. The team came up with very creative ways to show that God created the world and made you and me. Through these stories they were able to share the Gospel in a clear and simple way.

21. Making friends with the young people. We all really enjoyed them.

22. Fun and Games!

23. God is good… ALL the time! This is what we were able to build in 2 ½ days. Wilson plans on taking a team from here in May to help finish this church.

24. Preparing for a time of adoration to the Lord and dedication of the church.

25. A time of commitment to trust in God for guidance and say “NO” to drugs during the Youth Network group of our church.

26. One more seminar on drugs by Darlene in one of the local schools of Benjamin Constant.

27. A drama team from our church gave a powerful presentation on drugs and addictions after Darlene’s seminar.

28. A drama team from our church gave a powerful presentation on drugs and addictions after Darlene’s seminar.

29. Having so much FUN with the kids!

30. Having so much FUN with the kids!

31. Having so much FUN with the kids!

32. Busy at work and serving the Lord!

33. Busy at work and serving the Lord!

34. Busy at work and serving the Lord!

35. Busy at work and serving the Lord!

36. A very special invitation… lunch with the Vice Mayor João and his wife Dorací.

37. A very special invitation… lunch with the Vice Mayor João and his wife Dorací.

38. Sharing testimonies in Islândia, Peru

39. Group devotions on the way to Iauma, Peru

40. Sharing Brian’s story… the sad truth about drugs, in the youth network at the Central Church.

41. Sharing Brian’s story… the sad truth about drugs, in the youth network at the Central Church.

42. Ready for bed!

43. Ok, so am I mosquito proof?!

44. The village of Iauma, Peru!

45. The village of Iauma, Peru!

46. God is my captain!

47. God is my captain!

48. Where God leads, I will follow!

49. Where God leads, I will follow!

50. Go and make disciples of all nations.  God save the Amazon!

51. Go and make disciples of all nations.  God save the Amazon!
March 2016

1. After a 4 hr. drive, 3 flights and a short boat trip, it was a joy to welcome Ben, Jessica and our grandson Lucas to Benjamin!

2. Ben is on his way to lead the sports events and teach about Christian character at the Indian seminary called Sabonete for two weeks.

3.It was very HOT, but the students were willing to play sports anytime, even in the rain.

4. Wilson continues to do ministry flights throughout the year. Here he is taking Ben to the Curuça river to check out Indian tribes that have never been reached and also to visit one village on Lago Grande and visit with the Indians there.

5. Wilson always praises God for the beauty and joy on being able to serve Him and reach people through flying.

6. It's a jungle out there!

7. Visiting Islândia, Peru was a new experience for Ben, Jessica and Lucas… the boat trip too.

8. Wilson had meetings with four pastors, leaders of churches in Russia, Chili, the US and Brazil. He did a flight so they can make a documentary of ministry needs here. They want to join forces with us and help reach the unreached throughout the Amazon.

9. It was awesome watching Ben and Jessica at work with the youth group from our church. After a hotdog dinner Brazilian style, Jessica shared from her heart a short message and how God has directed her life and led them into missions.

10. Ben did an excellent job putting together and coordinating the games. It was super fun and funny.

11. We visited a Mayoruna Indian village not too far from town. This is Andrew's house, a single missionary who we partner with. He travels to isolated Indian tribes translating and teaching God's story!

12. Jungle Life in the eyes of a nine-month old: So what's the best thing about Rainy Season?... Playing in the rain!

13. Ready for another adventure!

14. My favorite place to be? Behind the wheel of grandpa's car.

15. Best way to beat the heat… take a bath.

16. Way to go grandpa, let's roll.

17. Swinging and sleeping in the hammock… it doesn't get much better than this. Brazil, here I come!
February 2016

1. Celebrating Christmas with family. What a wonderful time we had singing, praying, participating in communion together (literally) and enjoying a real banquet!

2. What a joy to welcome Pedro, the newest member of the family, and congratulate his parents Jader and Sara.

3. Enjoying “afternoon tea” with family.

4. Our most special congratulations to our loving parents, Udo and Iolanda 

5. Mom and Dad, thank you for blessing us with your Godly examples and giving us the BEST inheritance of all by showing us the way to Christ!

6. The Kannenberg Clan (Only our kids and two other coupls are missing).

7. Wilson and I celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary the end of January. We are so blessed to have each other and have the privilege of reaching the unreached in the Amazon, Brazil!
Prayer Request - Denora

1. Denora and family

2. Denora teaching the children
January 2016

1. The adult Sunday school program we are using provides one year of accredited seminary classes when we complete three years of in depth lessons in Bible theology on a variety of subjects.

2. A certificate of completion is awarded after each year. Time to begin the second year of training… bring it on!!

3. Honoring God through baptism - At the end of the “God Encounter” retreat, 47 people were baptized, 9 from our church.

4. What a joy to see people obey God and honor Him by openly declaring their alliance with Him.

5. Kevin and his son Andrew were a tremendous help and blessing to us. They came to paint the OA mission boat that just arrived from Manaus. The boat was delayed, but they were able to work on projects at our local church, our home and two days they were able to work some on the boat.

6. Honoring God through marriage. We had an amazing wedding ceremony for nine couples the middle of December.

7. Walking down the aisle to a life of love and commitment to God and their spouse.

8. Special music by the youth group

9. We had a ceremony for the rest of us couples to exchange our wedding rings and renew our marriage vows. The love and joy and this couple’s face was priceless as they exchanged real wedding rings for the very first time after 5 years of marriage!

10. Every wedding needs a cake and this one was lovingly made by a member of the church. Everyone had a piece… or two and there was enough left over for all nine couples to take a big chunk of it home.

11. It’s so awesome to see God work through baptisms, weddings, renewal of wedding vows, Christmas programs and in so many other ways. Our victories are your victories! We praise God for your love, support and prayers.

12. The children from our church had a Birthday Party for Jesus. How excited they were to receive special gifts from the youth group of our sending church from Manaus!


13. Our Christmas program started out with five more couples (that were unable to participate last week) renewing their wedding vows and exchanging rings for the honor and glory of God.

14. I  helped my adolescent class and the youth group prepare a special presentation and song in celebration of the names of Jesus.

15. Wilson led the men of the church in song.

16. Everyone participated. Here is the women’s choir.

17. The Christmas program ended with an excellent drama presentation on the true meaning of Christmas where the story of Jesus’ birth unfolded before our eyes. After the entire church sang Silent Night, we shared a simple meal topped off with some delicious cake!