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December 2017

1. This is me dressed for winter in the USA. After 35 years, I have to admit, it's COLD out there!

2. It was awesome to take in the magnificent beauty and vibrant colors of Fall and experience the aromas, flavor and fellowship of Thanksgiving.

3. Grandma's love to gloat don't they? So blessed to have the gift of Lucas and Chloe!

4. Grandma's love to gloat don't they? So blessed to have the gift of Lucas and Chloe!

5. Grandpa's like to gloat too. Look at that proud "Opa"!

November 2017

1. Wilson and I want to thank you so much for your fervent prayers for our daughter Julie who was diagnosed with TMJ syndrome. We praise God she is on her way to a full recovery.

2. Wilson did several days of maintenance on the plane in October. All Lucas talks about his the airplane and his "Opa"!

3. Wilson and the new pilot doing a test flight.

4. Lucas loved the test flight with Opa (Grandpa in German)!

5. Jessica shared a word of encouragement to the congregation in Santa Luzia. Chloe slept through the entire service!

6. Wilson was so excited to have the wonderful opportunity to share God's Word with His people.

October 2017

1. Here’s the proud mama holding one of God’s most precious miracles!

2. Our first granddaughter, Chloe Renee Spicer, arrived September 16th, 2017. Welcome baby Chloe!!

3. The men are hauling bags of cement from the river bank to the church in Buen Suceso.

4. They worked hard all day and also had a devotional with the local workers and held a service in the church in Santa Teresa.

5. Great job guys!

September 2017

1. We were so blessed to fellowship with each of our supporting churches and have the privilege of sharing/preaching what God laid on our hearts.

2. We enjoyed many walks along the river front of the Illinois River with Julie and Brandon.

3. It brought back so many memories as a family to visit the Milwaukee Zoo!

4. The best part?... A train ride through the zoo.

5. We also had a great time at the WI State Fair. I was born and grew up in WI.

6. What a beautiful day we had.

7. Julie and Brandon took us on the “Spirit of Peoria” paddle boat for a ride down the IL river!

8. It was an exciting adventure surrounded by God’s handiwork and filled with information about the river and city of Peoria.

9. What a wonderful time we had visiting with Joshua and Leighann in TX. This picture was taken at a masquerade party sponsored by the Hilton Corporate, where Leighann works, where they honored staff and presented awards.

10. Joshua and Leighann treated us to a special night out at a Piano Guys concert. It was incredible!

August 2017

1. Enjoying time with family, friends and ministry partners in the USA

2. We had a great time out on a farm!

3. Welcome to the new missionary family, Doug and Lydia Caudill, Jubilee and Ryan.

July 2017

1. People around the world travel to the Amazon to fish. This Pirarucú is one of the largest and most delicious. God says, “I will make YOU fishers of men.”

2. Constructing the church/seminary training center in Islândia, Peru.

3. Constructing the church/seminary training center in Islândia, Peru.

4. We praise the Lord this ministry project is almost done.

5. It is already being used full-time for church services, seminary-training modules and other ministries.

6. Knowing God and making him known. The 4th Seminary training module was held in Islândia, Peru the middle two weeks of June.

7. Wilson and I are in the USA from June through August for our "home assignment" and have enjoyed visiting kids, family and ministry partners as well as sharing in our supporting churches.

April/May 2017

1. The mission team from Riverside Community Church (Adriana, William, Sharon, Team leaders Ken and Mary, Dave, Carol and Joany) arrived the beginning of March.

2. Here we all are… ready to start our 14 hour journey up river.

3. The cooks (Marilene, Daniela, Tacila and Zila) took great care of us on the trip!

4. The hammock is an excellent place to have personal devotions… right Adriana and William?!

5. This is the river village of San Juan do Camuchero, Peru. The only sources of water are from the rains and the river. There is a school and one small store. Alcoholism is rampant in this place. These people need to know how much God loves them!


7. Riverside Community Church sent funds for the team to be able to construct the pastoral house.

8. William, Wilson, Dave, Francisco, Pr. Edgardo and Ken did a great job and were able to finish all the walls.

9. First thing in the morning, kids had a blast doing exercise with Dave.

10. It's always a so awesome praising God in song!

11. Bible time! How fun to teach Jesus' parable of the Lost Lamb.

12. The children made up the "flock" during the story wearing their lamby headbands and ears… thanks for your amazing creativity Mary!

13. The mission team helped the children reenact the story of Jesus Calms the Storm one evening in the patio of the school. The families from San Juan were there and we were thrilled that a large group of people from the river village of Álfaro came too.

14. Joany and Carol enjoyed helping Deusisama share the Gospel message using the story of the Wordless Book.

15. Carol is a professional artist. In her retirement, she LOVES painting children's faces. This is her way of showing God's love through her talent, her smiles and by saying "Deus te ama." (God loves you) to each child.

16. Each and every child felt so special and was thrilled to have their face painted in so many fun and unique ways.

17. Ken and Mary put together a lovely coloring book on the life of Christ from his birth to his ascension. Maria was thrilled to receive this special tool, along with a bag of crayons, to help teach Sunday school.

18. Sharing the Gospel is all about making friends and building relationships.

19. Carol and Mary shared the stories of Ester and Ruth with the women of the village so they would know the importance of having other people in our lives (especially women) to encourage us in the faith.

20. Team members handed out lovely bags containing a sewing kit, scissors and toothbrushes for the family to each woman present.

21. Team members also brought plenty of reading glasses for the elderly. It was fun helping them to find just the right one.

22. Welcome to San Pablo! We helped Pr. José and Maria move here and find a place to plant another church after Pr. José was transferred to be a school teacher in this little river town.

23. We all had a blast touring this lovely town in "motor-cars."

24. Miracles still happen. The roof of the original dilapidated bar/discotec the Pr. And his wife rented for their home/church caved in the night we left them. The following day, God provided a large, lovely 3 bedroom home for the same price! We praise God for His goodness!!

25. God is GOOD and His mercy endures for ever. What a privilege that He uses each one of us to share the Gospel around the world. Thank you for your prayers and partnership!
March 2017

1. Pam and Marty O'Neall, team leaders for the Assembly of God Church in Normal, IL arrived with their team of four in February to build a church and minister in Buen Suceso, Peru.

2. On our way to Buen Suceso, a 16hr. trip with great weather

3. Here is the mission team from the USA, with Pr. Edison and his wife Mariela, who will be pastoring the church we helped to build.

4. Chad and Ty hauling Wood in intense heat and humidity. We were using the bridge on the right until team leader Marty fell through!

5. What a tremendous blessing to serve the Lord, building His church!

6. Here is the team who helped to make it all happen including those from the USA, Brazilian workers and crew, our cook, those from Islândia, Peru, the pastor and his wife and a few men from the village.

7. Every morning, we had fun singing and sharing God's Word with the children.

8. They learned how much God loves them and cares for them through the story of the Lost Lamb.

9. Teaching dental hygiene is always an important part of what we do. Thanks for all your help Ty!

10. It's so much fun learning with Chiquinha and Jaime, the alligator.

11. Here’s Chad handing out toothbrushes to the children. Good job, Chad! 

12. Time to just play games and have fun jumping rope and popping bubbles.

13. Both girls and boys loved seeing how high they could make the ball go by shaking a bedsheet up and down.

14. This woman is proudly showing us her kitchen. Her cook stove is off to her right.

15. One afternoon, the team helped find the right reading glasses for all the elderly in need.

16. Our special thanks to all those who donated reading glasses, team snacks, school supplies, etc. for this trip! We will be preparing the flannel graph kit that was sent for the pastor's wife to use for ministries with the kids and adults alike!

17. So precious to make new friends! (Pam getting to know two of the village women).

18. We are all about building relationships! (Ty and Pr. Edgardo)

19. Chad and Jeferson really hit it off. Way to go Chad.

20. Pr. Edison and Mariela were thrilled to receive Messengers (Talking Bibles), Bibles and a few other gifts for them and those in the village including two soccer balls.

21. Corina (Pr. Edgardo's wife) prepared a delicious meal for us at her home in Islândia, Peru.

22. Marty, Ty and Chad gave an amazing presentation of the story David and Goliath showing how God has the power to protect us anywhere, anytime!

23. This is Sasha, the newest member of our family. She belongs to Ben and Jessica and was so named by them because it means "protector". She will be living at the hangar once they are living out there.
February 2017

1. What a blessing to spend time with family and worship the Lord together in praise and share a devotional each evening!

2. Wilson’s folks, Udo and Iolanda Kannenberg, celebrated their 66thanniversary the end of January… a lifetime of Being BEST friends and companions, sharing joys and sorrow, living, loving and growing closer to the Lord and to each other.

3. There’s nothing like going to the beach with grandpa!

4. Getting to know our grandson and enjoy family times together.

5. Living and laughing and enjoying God’s creation all around us.
January 2017

1. Celebrating the life we have in Christ with the Spicers, Wilson's mom, his sister Marly and husband Roberto,

2. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to take care of Wilson's dad. Dad we love you!

3. Enjoying some family time in downtown Itajaí, Santa Catarina with the Spicers and Wilson's sister Marly and husband Roberto, niece Raquel and her husband Valter.

4. How precious to be able to give support to Wilson's mom during this difficult time in her life.

5. Cool Dude! Lucas has been our bright spot entertaining us and giving us plenty to smile and laugh about each day.

6. With the help of Wilson's sisters, we have had some opportunities to enjoy time at the beach for a few hours and go for walks in the evenings as a family.

7. Lucas has enjoyed riding his little trike, singing and playing his guitar, family walks, trips to the beach and bike rides with mom and dad (which is their main form of transportation while here in south Brazil).

8. Lucas' favorite activity is singing and playing his little toy guitar!