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December 2019

1. We had the privilege of attending the 1st Youth Congress in Islândia, Peru recently with guest speaker Damião.

2. It was great to see teens from Santa Luzia participating!

3. The youth from Islândia also presented a choreography number.

4. I was excited to attend the 1st night of the Women's Congress as well. What a tremendous blessing!

5. Jessica and I on our 1st leg of the journey to the Thrive Retreat in Estonia as a direct result of your prayers and support!

6. Each day began with a time of Praise and Worship and an amazing seminar on the theme "Anchored in Hope."

7. There were 68 global women participating representing 32 countries around the world.

8. After each seminar, we broke up into small groups to discuss it. This was my amazing group minus one gal who had to leave early.

9. Tallinn, Estonia is an incredibly beautiful, extremely clean city.

10. Quaint, old, colorful, brick buildings and shops, many filled with beautifully handcrafted items and arts, line narrow, winding cobble stone streets in the Old Town sector of the city as you can see in the following pictures...

11. This is the entrance to the Old Town sector of the city.

12. Tallinn gets very cold in the winter. Aren't these homemade "winter wear" items beautiful?!

13. This old stone wall, part of the original fortress, just happened to have an old wooden window nestled right in the middle of it.

14. We walked passed quaint sidewalk cafés, so cozy and inviting.

15. We saw so many unique and amazing doorways!

16. A typical street in Old Town Tallinn.

17. We are so thankful to the Lord for this priceless experience and for all that we learned during the conference.

18. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with other American missionaries in the region. It was so awesome to spend time giving thanks to the Lord together!

19. We praise and thank God for YOU!

November 2019

1. Here's Ben sharing and reading the scriptures in Santa Luzia. He helped in services there all the while we were in the USA.

2. Living in Holiness was the theme of the women's conference held in Pr. Maurilio and Tacila's church in Islândia, Peru.

3. How wonderful to have the ladies from the church and also some from a church in Benjamin Constant and from the church in Santa Luzia participating.

4. A group of young people from the Peruvian church performed a beautiful choreography.

5. We were blessed and challenged by a message on holiness from Sarah on Saturday night.

6. Jessica shared a beautiful lesson on holiness Sunday morning and also gave a seminar on women's health issues.

7. Wilson closed the congress Sunday evening challenging us to seek God's holiness in our everyday lives.

8. We made a trip to Manaus for medical exams and to get ministry materials and were thrilled to go to our home church there.

9. Wilson had the special honor of preaching at the Family Tent Church in Manaus. We praise God that He moved in people's hearts and four people gave their lives to Christ.

October 2019

1. Wilson recently conducted the baptism of 17 new believers from Pr. Edgardo's church in Cavalo Cocha, Peru.

2. We praise God for the opportunity we have to encourage pastors and their ministries in remote river villages throughout the Amazon.

3. This young teen cried with joy before the Lord when she was baptized.

4. Celebrating new life in Christ!

5. Sarah, a single missionary, shared a message during the celebration service on Saturday night and Wilson preached on Sunday.

6. Wilson made a special visit to a river village called Indiana where we are planting a new church.

7. Indiana is a clean, beautiful little river village, a key location for reaching many villages in the surrounding area for the Lord.

8. The church was started one month ago. Around 11 people have been attending services regularly.

9. This is the village of Manzan, which can be reached by road from Indiana.

10. This will be the first village to be evangelized one day with new believers from Indiana!

11. It was so awesome to have the church in Cavalo Cocha celebrate their very first wedding ceremony!

12. While Wilson was travelling, we celebrated Brazil's Independence Day with other missionaries.

13. It was so much FUN to watch the school kids march.

14. They even had a float which represented indigenous groups from the area.

15. Chloe at her 1st parade. Popcorn anyone?!

16. It was an awesome to visit with Doug, Lydia and crew and get to know the new missionary couple Ezra and Joana and their son Andrew.

17. After the parade we all went to our home for a delicious piece of FLAG CAKE and ice cream. Instead of singing the national anthem we sang Happy Birthday to Brazil!

18. Birthdays are so much FUN! See all the smiling faces?

19. “Oma” says it’s because I am so smiley!

20. Everyone thanked God for making me.

21. We talked and laughed together.

22. We roasted hotdogs on a stick. The big people helped us and Opa made the most. They were so yummy!

23. Big brother "bubba" bought me a beautiful set of pans with his own money!

24. I gave a bag of toys and treats to my friends and a smiley cup too.

25. Happy Birthday Chloe!

September 2019

1. Our "home assignment" in the USA ended by allowing us one more opportunity to spend some quality time with our daughter and son-in-law, Julie and Brandon...

2. and our son and daughter-in-law, Joshua and Leighann.

3. Wilson was thrilled to celebrate his 64th birthday with family at the Fly-in at Oshkosh, WI!

4. Our son Joshua at Oshkosh.

5. Family Fun in downtown Milwaukee, WI

6. Special times enjoying beautiful summer days.

7. Ok, so it’s been FUN to just be spontaneous and a little crazy too.

8. God is GOOD!

9. We really enjoyed God’s creation and the beautiful scenery during our travels.

10. Me, thoroughly enjoying our times to "pick the daisies" throughout the summer!

August 2019

1. In the past two years these dear friends, ministry partners and prayer warriors received their crowns of glory. We dearly miss these dedicated servants of the Lord who had a passion for reaching the lost around the world!

Ann Ashley

2. Dr. Harpster Wonder

3. Glen Coy

4. Dennis Gustafson

5. We had the privilege of sharing about the mission ministries in the Amazon and preaching the Gospel Message of salvation through Christ in several more churches in WI during the month of July.

6. We want to thanks each of our supporting churches for giving us these special opportunities and also give our praise to God for those who trusted in Christ during the services.

7. What a great four hours with brother-in-law Ken Debelak.

8. We had a couple of FUN outings with my sister Bonnie and her husband Les Bluhm.

9. It was fun to be a little crazy...

10. Adventuresome and…

11. Spontaneous!
July 2019

1. Our "home assignment" in the USA has been but blessed as Wilson and I gave presentations about the mission ministries on the triple borders of Brazil, Peru and Columbia.

2. We had the wonderful privilege of sharing and giving a brief account of the ministries in our supporting churches and Wilson had the honor of preaching God's Word in a few places as well.

3. These past four weeks we have travelled over 4000 miles through 11 states, visiting with ministry partners along the way. What a joy to receive such warm welcomes and hugs, exchange news and share in such sweet fellowship together!

4. God gave Wilson and I lots of "together time" going for walks, reading together and having great conversations during the long hours on the road, while enjoying breathtaking scenery along the way.
June 2019

1. Before leaving for the USA, Wilson visited pastors and leaders of the churches we planted in Peru, together with Pr. Edgardo and Pr. Maurilio.

2. The Church service in San Juan do Camucheiro, with Pr. José e his wife Maria, was tremendous.

3. After Wilson preached about baptism, 4 people expressed their desire to be baptized and shortly after the sermon, several people who had already received classes and instruction were baptized.

4. After Wilson preached about baptism, 4 people expressed their desire to be baptized and shortly after the sermon, several people who had already received classes and instruction were baptized.

5. Wilson ministered to the youth in Cavalo Cocha the last night of the trip. What a tremendous blessing to see 11 young people give their lives to Christ!

6. Need to haul bricks up the hill for the church construction? This is how it's done!

7. The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way in Japón where 7 people trusted in Christ and they held another baptism in Buen Suceso.

8. Shortly after their trip into Peru, Wilson and Pr. Maurilio conducted a wedding for four couples in Santa Luzia.

9. Since these couples had no other immediate family members present, Wilson had the special honor of walking each bride down the isle.

10. This is how you get to the church when your river village is flooded!

11. A couple of weeks later, Wilson preached at a special farewell service for Pr. Marciel and his wife, Gloria, since they will be planting a new church in Indiana, Peru. The food and fellowship afterwards was amazing.

12. This is the celebration service, dedicating this loving couple for their new ministry.

13. All churches along the Amazon and Javarí river banks have nurseries. See for yourself!

14. Here is the typical cookstove churches use for making pots of soup, fish… you name it.

15. We finally made it to the USA for our "home assignment" to visit ministry partners and supporting churches and family. We had the special joy to start out our trip with a one week vacation with our kids, spouses and grandkids.
May 2019

1. In March, we welcomed the mission team from Riverside Community Church in IL. Here are team leaders Ken and Mary (tallest back row, far left) together with Randy,Dave, Aubry, Pat and Terry.

2. The following day, the team helped the children in Islândia, Peru reenact the story of Jonah in the evening service.

3. Early Monday morning we loaded the boat and headed out for a seven hour boat trip to the river village of San Sebastian, Peru.

4. Terry tried his hand at steering the boat… way to go Terry!

5. San Sebastian has around 40 houses, a simple, but nice school and one church, The Cross Church, that is a cult. A meeting was held that first evening and more than half of the villagers voted saying they really wanted an evangelical church in the village.

6. The team is having a grand time making preparations for the Children's Ministries!

7. Mornings and afternoons we hiked up this hill to reach the village. It was a real challenge to haul the sand bags, gravel and bricks up to the church site!

8. This kids in San Sebastian LOVED reenacting the story of Jonah, too. They were so proud to show off their handwork.

9. This flock of sheep is preparing to participate in the story of the Lost Lamb.

10. These kids rarely get the chance to color and do creative activities. What a blessing it was to teach them God's truths and work with them.

11. The kids had a blast playing "parachute" games.

12. Mary gave a wonderful devotional to the women of the village and then handed out beautiful handmade totes to each lady with toothbrushes, a sewing kit, devotional booklet in Spanish and other surprises inside.

13. This is the Cross Church. It's a cult with lots of rules and harsh punishments for those caught in sin. We focused on showing the people God's love.

14. Planting another Church in a place where they know little, if anything about God's love and Salvation through Christ.

15. Our crew soldered the posts and trusses. This is the first time we are building a church entirely of bricks.

16. The team worked hard on levelling the dirt in preparation for the very first service that evening.

17. We are so thankful to the team for bringing Bibles to present to the pastor, so he can bless the families in this new church!

18. Even in the rain, around 70 people came for the Celebration Service the last night to watch the JESUS movie (45 min. children's version). Halfway through the movie, he team lovingly served hotdogs and soda to everyone.

19. I even got to celebrate my birthday together with Randy at the end of the trip. We both turned 61 (only Randy's two days older. Ok, so I'm rubbing it in!)

20. Our crew took off for São João early the last morning to finish nailing up the boards for the front wall of the church. On our way home, we got to see the almost finished church and have a time of prayer inside!

21. Mission accomplished and heading for home. We praise God for YOU, our ministry partners!
April 2019

1. We had the awesome privilege of participating in the 5th anniversary of the church in Santa Luzia.

2. Wilson was honored to preach and pray for the offering.

3. What a blessing to celebrate God together with God's people!!

4. After a banquet of food and fellowship, came the CAKE!

5. The same night as the celebration in Santa Luzia, our ministry partners held a church service in São João. I sent a Sunday School kit with Pastora Tacila to present to a woman from the church who has already begun working with the children.

6. Pastor Davi and his wife Francisca, from our local congregation, were so thrilled to come to our home and pick up a Sunday School kit for Francisca's brother who is a pastor in a river village called Guanabara II. Pastora Francisca just discovered she has a cancerous tumor in her uterus. Please pray for her!

7. God recently stretched me and used me to preach a message in our church. I shared about parents being a mirror, reflecting a Godly image for their children to follow.
March 2019

1. Greetings from South Brazil!

2. Celebrating life. Celebrating FAMILY!... Birthdays

3. Celebrating life. Celebrating FAMILY!... Birthdays

4. Outings

5. Afternoon Tea Times

6.Meeting the newest members of the family… Ellen and Rebeca!

7. Crazy Times
February 2019

1. The day after Christmas we took a group of people from Benjamin and a few of our workers to continue building the church in São João.

2. This church is suspended almost 3 yards above ground to keep it from flooding during rainy season.

3. The guys did a great job building the little bridge going from the suspended sidewalk to the church!

4. This was the very first service held in the church after more than 8 months of worship and Bible Study on a couple's front porch.

5. This is me very excited that the barge finally came with the Bibles and hymnbooks we purchased and the 30+ boxes of donated Sunday School Material. It took me a while to sort through it all and organize everything.

6. I am excited to begin working on putting together new Sunday School kits once again for remote churches in river communities.

7. January 2-5th, we held another seminary training module in Islândia, Peru for pastors and leaders from churches in remote river villages. We were able to house them in the old (newly rebuilt) church.

8. Missionary Damião (left) taught several of the classes and Pr. Henrique (right)  translated from Portuguese to Spanish.

9. The subject matter for this module was the Great Commission, discipleship and church doctrine.

10. Pastor Maurilio was instrumental in preparing his church for the training each day and helping with the praise time. Corina also helped with praise each meeting.

11. Wilson worked hard organizing all the details of this event, taught several of the classes and held  leadership meetings in the afternoons.

12. This was a very intensive module and everyone worked hard. What a privilege to present their certificates and end the module with a shout of victory to the Lord!

Next year we plan to spend 10 days in Cavalo Cocha not only training pastors and leaders, but also providing teacher training for the women.

13. The children in São João love learning and singing new songs about Jesus.

14. One of the ladies in São João always made sure to hold a can of beer to discourage visits from our team. At the end of the service this week, she was the very 1st person to go to the front of the church and give her life to Christ!!
January 2019

1. Wilson and I made a visit to Cavalo Cocha to help Pastor Edgardo and Corina organize their Christmas program.

2. The church was planted 5 months ago and already they had to move into a larger space. That's a GOOD problem!

3. Wilson shared his testimony with the youth on Saturday night and preached an evangelistic message using the Chemical Gospel lesson on Sunday. It was very powerful.

4. The church family is growing.

5. Christmas program in Santa Luzia. Youth portraying a world full of sin...

6. and a Savior who died and rose again to set us free!

7. Jesus, the Savior of the world, our only hope.

8. Wilson gave a brief summary at the end of the program sharing how Jesus is God's greatest gift.

9. Pastor Edgardo and Corina did a beautiful job putting together the Christmas program in Cavalo Cocha. This church was planted 5 months ago and is really growing. With the help of donations we they were able to rent a larger space recently.

10. They acted out the Jesus' birth as well.

11. Wilson wrapped up the program with a short message. The angels were rejoicing in heaven when two people gave their lives to Christ and several others rededicated their lives to the Lord.

12. The week long Christmas celebrations with seven river communities ended in Islândia, Peru with Pastor Maurilio and Tacila.

13. God gave us everything when He created the world, but man rejected it all and sin entered the world.

14. Then God gave us the greatest gift of all...

15. ... to give us a SAVIOR!

16. Jesus is God's Greatest Gift. What can we give to God?... Our lives!

17. The Christmas Celebration in each village ended with a wonderful time of food and fellowship. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed "kikão" (hotdog chunks cooked in a seasoned tomato sauce) and soda.

18. The 28th of December, we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year's with our workers and missionary families.

19. The pot luck dinner was amazing and we all enjoyed a precious time of fellowship.