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Churches in the Benjamin Constant area music and drama
2019 - Furlough Presentation
2017 - Furlough Presentation
Wilson preaching at New Branch Community Church, July 9, 2017
2017 - We often take “jungle tours” to ferry from one village to another. This one took us from the river village of Japón to Santa Teresa in Peru. It really is a jungle out there!
2017 - Missions Trip April 2-12 with Woodridge Community Church
2016 - A video made for Wilson and Lori Kannenberg to describe the ministry that God has called them to.
2016 - Brazil Mission Trip with the Kannenbergs
2015 - ASAS Celebrating 60 years

Richwoods Mission Team
March 19-27th
Leader: Pastor Tim Barnes
Village: Apuaú, Black River

Installation of the first plastic water filter (in the flooded home of a village pastor)

To see how water filter works, click here.